Managed Cloud Interconnect

Establish private direct connection to the hyperscaler cloud infrastructure quickly over high-speed broadband and secure network.


Integrate your cloud and on-premise system to the hyperscaler cloud service (AWS, GCP, or Azure) using fast direct connect on the low latency network scheme. Designs flexibly for cloud-to-cloud (hybrid cloud) or cloud-to-on-premise ensure your business highly intact.



Managed Cloud Interconnect Features  


Effective Interconnectivity Design

We offer the most effective interconnectivity design with multiple connection schemes and ensure the data transfer, supported by the redundant networks of Biznet.

Speedy & Isolated Network 

Access the hyperscaler environment with the Isolated Leased Line scheme or private network interconnect to ensure a secure and faster data transfer.


Guaranteed Performance up to 99,99%

Biznet Gio's Cloud Expert is committed to designing a network redundancy at layer 2 or 3 up to 99,99% SLA and provides intensive monitoring to ensure your system interconnectivity runs smoothly without any disruption.

Solid Multi-Cloud Scheme

With an ensured latency interconnectivity performance, offloads your critical functions to multiple clouds with ease, especially when facing a huge workload or traffic.



Virtual Private Network (VPN) Topology 


Using a Private Network Interconnect to connect directly to the hyperscaler


Leased Line Topology


Direct connection to the hyperscaler with a secure and reliable Biznet Networks Isolated Leased Line



Managed Cloud Interconnect Advantages


Vast Network Coverage

Supported by Biznet Networks coverage in more than 100 cities across Indonesia, the data transfer from hyperscaler to on-premises will use the shortest routes.


Cloud interconnect offers a lower egress charge rate than connectivity using public internet and secures your system to the hyperscaler at a more efficient cost.

Adaptive and Intelligent Routing

Upgrade your network capacity at any time to handle a higher workload and complex activities. Our intelligent routing provides prevention towards bottlenecks, getting you the stable throughput.



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